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Christopher Davis

Called this company to prepare our new home for move in, had an amazing experience, everything was crystal clear, this company doesn't cut corners. Highly recommended cleaning service. 


Most people and businesses find it challenging to maintain a clean space. The chaos associated with everyday living coupled with the lack of time everyone complains of makes keeping any area whether domestic or commercial clean very difficult. Cleaning services Calgary offer people a hassle-free way to ensure that their homes and offices are spotless, as well as germ-free for the most part. However, not all house cleaning Calgary services are good, and so you’ll need to weed out the ones that aren’t.

In this article, we will discuss a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind when hiring a cleaning service in Calgary. If anything, it will help you hire the best possible service that money can buy!

Hire an Experienced Cleaning Services Calgary

You will always want to hire a cleaning company that has been around for a while. They should have an excellent reputation for providing a high-quality service to clients across your city. The big reason why home and business owners should opt for the most experienced service is because they (cleaning company) have seen all kinds of situations and dealt with it. So, they should be able to handle just about any cleaning issue.

A good house cleaning Calgary service with experience will also be a company that many people have rated and reviewed. So, it is easier to find information about them like hidden charges, the number of cleaners they employ and location, etc., before hiring them.

License and Insurance Policies

You never want to hire Calgary cleaning services which don’t have a license and their employees aren’t covered by an insurance policy. You will want to pick a cleaning company that’s fully licensed because that ensures that they are cleared to do business in Calgary. Plus, being insured relieves you of any reliability. It goes without saying that even something as relatively less dangerous as house cleaning can be hazardous, in the event of an accident you don’t want to be the one footing the bill. Insured cleaning service with some form of workers’ insurance makes sure that you’re not left holding the bag.

The Service Should Have References

The cleaning services in Calgary you hire or even consider should have references. You should be able to call up previous clients or even a few existing ones to find out what it is like working with the company. It will allow you to figure out if they are providing a quality service which people openly recommend.

House cleaning Calgary with no references or those that refuse to acknowledge your request for references should not be considered. Only consider companies that provide you with recommendations, their references check out, and you find out that they offer a valuable cleaning service.

Find out What Products They Use

While many home and business owners may not think twice about the cleaning products used by the company they hire it still matters. If you’re running a business that’s committed to being environmentally friendly, it is imperative that the cleaning service you hire only uses environmentally friendly products. The same goes for if you are a homeowner and care about the environment or perhaps have members of the household who are sensitive to certain chemicals, you’ll want to go the route of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Most cleaning companies will be more than happy to provide you with a list of cleaning products they use. You can then check online or ask them if these are green or environmentally friendly products. Some cleaning companies may also make an exception for you, but you’ll need to inquire if they will use green products if you hire them.

Comparison Shopping for a Cleaning Service

When in the market for a cleaning service in Calgary, you’ll want to shop around. Ask companies to provide you with a quote and then compare what they are offering in relation to the pricing. The goal isn’t to hire the cheapest cleaning service but one that provides the most bang for your buck. Cheap in the cleaning service almost often turns out to be poor quality, so you never want to cheap out when hiring a cleaning service.

Customer Service

The house cleaning Calgary service you hire should provide top quality customer service. If they care about you, they will have excellent customer service. One way to check this out is to call their support line or send their support an email to see how long they take to respond. If they put you on hold forever, its time to look towards another cleaning company.


When hiring cleaning services Calgary it is essential to take your time. Make sure that you’re finding out everything that matters and deciding on a company based on what they offer. If anything it will save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

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